Expeditions was founded by historian and anthropologist, Dr. Marc Vanlangendonck . The organization was born out of his passion for the field of applied anthropology. Since 1985 Marc built expertise in the domain of planned change from different angles, resulting in policy reports commissioned by governments and international organisations worldwide. In 2015 Marc left the care of Expeditions in the hands of these colleagues.
Sam Janssen (°1974) is the Director of Expeditions. He obtained master's degrees in Philosophy, Urban Planning, Educational Sciences and Ethics at the University of Ghent. His theses were about Don Quijote as a blueprint for individualist thinking, functional mixes in the urban environment and the adaptation of research techniques in the classroom. During his work as a research designer in urban planning he started studying anthropology and history. In that time he came in touch with Dr. Vanlangendonck, the founder of Expeditions with whom he engaged in a variety of research projects. Together with Marc, Sam founded Expeditions’ summer school for anthropologists. Today the school is the longest standing field school for cultural anthropology, and developed into a worldwide network of social science scholars engaged in the organization. After working at the University of Leuven as a research supervisor, Sam now fulltime coordinates the Expeditions projects. He believes very strongly in an interdisciplinary approach, which is created by the multidisciplinary Expeditions research teams.

Marjan Moris (°1983) holds a master in anthropology the University of Leuven, and currently finishes her PhD in social geography. She joined the Expeditions team in 2006 as a research assistant on a project for the Flemish League against Cancer (VLK) and has not left since. Over the past years, she gained experience through several applied research projects commissioned by governments and civil society organizations, has provided research support to students and developed courses and lectures, and reworked research findings into policy recommendations for a broad variety of stakeholders. Her research interests include migration and mobilities, the anthropology of food and manifestations of difference and inequality in the organisation of space. Her methodological expertise lies in ethnographic fieldwork techniques, which helps to add depth and insight to other approaches provided by the team.